Type: integer
Default: 0 (0ms)
Min: 0 (0ms)
Max: 2147483647 (2147483647ms)
Unit: milliseconds (ms)
Context: user
Restart: false
Since: 14

Terminate any session that has been idle (that is, waiting for a client query), but not within an open transaction, for longer than the specified amount of time. If this value is specified without units, it is taken as milliseconds. A value of zero (the default) disables the timeout.

Unlike the case with an open transaction, an idle session without a transaction imposes no large costs on the server, so there is less need to enable this timeout than idle_in_transaction_session_timeout.

Be wary of enforcing this timeout on connections made through connection-pooling software or other middleware, as such a layer may not react well to unexpected connection closure. It may be helpful to enable this timeout only for interactive sessions, perhaps by applying it only to particular users.

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