Type: integer
Default: 10
Min: 0
Max: 262143
Context: postmaster
Restart: true

Specifies the maximum number of concurrent connections from standby servers or streaming base backup clients (i.e., the maximum number of simultaneously running WAL sender processes). The default is 10. The value 0 means replication is disabled. Abrupt disconnection of a streaming client might leave an orphaned connection slot behind until a timeout is reached, so this parameter should be set slightly higher than the maximum number of expected clients so disconnected clients can immediately reconnect. This parameter can only be set at server start. Also, wal_level must be set to replica or higher to allow connections from standby servers.

When running a standby server, you must set this parameter to the same or higher value than on the primary server. Otherwise, queries will not be allowed in the standby server.


If you are replicating, you want to set this to the maximum number of standby servers you might possibly have. Performance impact when set above zero, but no additional penalty for setting it higher.