Type: enum
Default: error
Context: superuser
Restart: false
Values: [debug5, debug4, debug3, debug2, debug1, info, notice, warning, error, log, fatal, panic]

Controls which SQL statements that cause an error condition are recorded in the server log. The current SQL statement is included in the log entry for any message of the specified severity or higher. Valid values are DEBUG5, DEBUG4, DEBUG3, DEBUG2, DEBUG1, INFO, NOTICE, WARNING, ERROR, LOG, FATAL, and PANIC. The default is ERROR, which means statements causing errors, log messages, fatal errors, or panics will be logged. To effectively turn off logging of failing statements, set this parameter to PANIC. Only superusers and users with the appropriate SET privilege can change this setting.


Logs SQL statements which error. If you have an application which routinely generates errors and can't fix it, then raise the level to FATAL or PANIC.