Type: string
Context: user
Restart: false
Since: 16

If a user who has CREATEROLE but not SUPERUSER creates a role, and if this is set to a non-empty value, the newly-created role will be granted to the creating user with the options specified. The value must be set, inherit, or a comma-separated list of these. The default value is an empty string, which disables the feature.

The purpose of this option is to allow a CREATEROLE user who is not a superuser to automatically inherit, or automatically gain the ability to SET ROLE to, any created users. Since a CREATEROLE user is always implicitly granted ADMIN OPTION on created roles, that user could always execute a GRANT statement that would achieve the same effect as this setting. However, it can be convenient for usability reasons if the grant happens automatically. A superuser automatically inherits the privileges of every role and can always SET ROLE to any role, and this setting can be used to produce a similar behavior for CREATEROLE users for users which they create.