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类型: bool
默认: on
上下文: sighup
重新开始: false

控制服务器是否运行自动清理启动器后台进程。默认为开启, 不过要自动清理正常工作还需要启用track_counts。 该参数只能在postgresql.conf文件或服务器命令行中设置, 不过,通过更改表存储参数可以为表禁用自动清理。


建议 [EN]

Starts the daemon which cleans up your tables and indexes, preventing bloat and poor response times. The only reason to set it to “off” is for databases which regularly do large batch operations like ETL. Note that you can adjust the frequency or stop autovacuum on individual tables by adding rows to the pg_autovacuum system table.