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Type: integer
Default: 0
Min: 0
Max: 2147483647
Unit: milliseconds (ms)
Context: user
Restart: false

Abort any statement that takes more than the specified amount of time. If log_min_error_statement is set to ERROR or lower, the statement that timed out will also be logged. If this value is specified without units, it is taken as milliseconds. A value of zero (the default) disables the timeout.

The timeout is measured from the time a command arrives at the server until it is completed by the server. In extended query protocol, the timeout starts running when any query-related message (Parse, Bind, Execute, Describe) arrives, and it is cancelled by completion of an Execute or Sync message.

Setting statement_timeout in postgresql.conf is not recommended because it would affect all sessions.


Defaults to 0, meaning no timeout. For most web applications, it's a good idea to set a default timeout, such as 60s to prevent runaway queries from bogging the server. If set, though, you need to remember to set (at the ROLE or session level) a higher statement_timeout for expected long-running maintenance or batch operations.