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Type: string
Context: postmaster
Restart: true
Since: 12

Specifies a connection string to be used for the standby server to connect with a sending server. This string is in the format described in libpq-connstring. If any option is unspecified in this string, then the corresponding environment variable (see libpq-envars) is checked. If the environment variable is not set either, then defaults are used.

The connection string should specify the host name (or address) of the sending server, as well as the port number if it is not the same as the standby server's default. Also specify a user name corresponding to a suitably-privileged role on the sending server (see streaming-replication-authentication). A password needs to be provided too, if the sender demands password authentication. It can be provided in the primary_conninfo string, or in a separate ~/.pgpass file on the standby server (use replication as the database name). Do not specify a database name in the primary_conninfo string.

This parameter can only be set at server start. This setting has no effect if the server is not in standby mode.