类型: integer
默认: 3
最低限度: 0
最大: 262143
上下文: postmaster
重新开始: true

决定为PostgreSQL超级用户连接而保留的连接数。 同时活跃的并发连接最多max_connections个。任何时候,活跃的并发连接数最多为max_connections减去 superuser_reserved_connections,新连接就只能由超级用户发起了,并且不会有新的复制连接被接受。

默认值是 3 连接 。这个值必须小于max_connections。 这个参数只能在服务器启动时设置。

建议 [EN]

You should have at least one superuser connection open for troubleshooting at all times. So if you run more than two concurrent regular administrative tasks, you'll need more reserved connections. Note that this number is taken from max_connections, not in addition to it.