Type: enum
Default: auto
Context: user
Restart: false
Values: [auto, force_generic_plan, force_custom_plan]
Since: 12

Prepared statements (either explicitly prepared or implicitly generated, for example by PL/pgSQL) can be executed using custom or generic plans. Custom plans are made afresh for each execution using its specific set of parameter values, while generic plans do not rely on the parameter values and can be re-used across executions. Thus, use of a generic plan saves planning time, but if the ideal plan depends strongly on the parameter values then a generic plan may be inefficient. The choice between these options is normally made automatically, but it can be overridden with plan_cache_mode. The allowed values are auto (the default), force_custom_plan and force_generic_plan. This setting is considered when a cached plan is to be executed, not when it is prepared. For more information see sql-prepare.