ignore_checksum_failure Developer Parameter

Type: bool
Default: off
Context: superuser
Restart: false
Since: 9.3

Only has effect if app-initdb-data-checksums are enabled.

Detection of a checksum failure during a read normally causes PostgreSQL to report an error, aborting the current transaction. Setting ignore_checksum_failure to on causes the system to ignore the failure (but still report a warning), and continue processing. This behavior may cause crashes, propagate or hide corruption, or other serious problems. However, it may allow you to get past the error and retrieve undamaged tuples that might still be present in the table if the block header is still sane. If the header is corrupt an error will be reported even if this option is enabled. The default setting is off. Only superusers and users with the appropriate SET privilege can change this setting.


For rescuing a corrupt DB